March 30th, 2021

Poulette is a proof of concept for a color mixer interface.
I created it for Mutsuacen after observing that users did not use the ability to create custom palettes. This new interface would naturally keep track of the colors used and provide the ability to select variations of these colors.

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  • - Select an existing color by clicking on a point.
  • - Click and drag on the palette to create a new color.
  • - Organize the palette by dragging the points around.
  • - Remove an existing color by dragging it outside of the component.
  • - Deleted colors appear in a list an can be re-introduced.

The the colors can also be arranged in more familiar configurations:

Two configurations of palettes. One where pure colors are distributed on a circle around the white dot. The other is a triangle made with a red, a black and a white vertices.