La French Touch

January 16th, 2016

In "La French Touch", Martell's swift transports us with through a journey from Chanteloup to Shanghai.
The experience is designed to be enjoyed on mobile with Google Cardboard.

This project involved a lot of people concept arts, graphic design, sound design, css.
I was in charge of the webgl development, with Edan Kwan who joined me to deal with the animated models, the game mechanics and make the whole experience work on the most obscure mobile browsers.

Here is a couple of views you can't get in the game, taken from the debug mode.
Appreciate the awesome job the modeler made on the maps

The fog, based on IƱigo Quilez's article, contributes a lot to the general atmoshpere. It also allows a nice transition between the maps and the skybox.

Reflections on the water looked really great, especially in Paris, unfortunately it was too computationally expensive and we had to limit the effect to a single light reflection.