Codevember 2019

December 19th, 2019

Every year, in november, Codevember proposes a prompt for each day of the month to encourage people to create with code.
This year I selected the prompts that inspired me the most and made 14 webgl creations and a game.

My personal favorite is 7 - Shapebecause I like generating and animating 3d meshes. I developed a visual style I reused for other creations.

The one that received the most attention is by far 9 - Game. Words like "monster" or "sadistic" were used to towards me because of this game. The Verge published an articleabout it.

  • Contrast

  • Geometric

  • Deep

  • Light

  • Shape

  • Game

  • Perspective

  • Line

  • Bouncy

  • Math

  • Stack

  • Colors

  • Curve

  • Shadow

  • Liquid